Kat Zarra, the namesake label founded in 2019, creates modern lingerie with a focus on simple and timeless silhouettes. Luxe fabrics are manipulated into well tailored foundation pieces that bring style and fashion into your base layer. 

“I think there's a misconception that an excess of frills and lace is feminine, however, a modern woman feels most herself in simple, well made garments crafted from beautiful fabrics. I believe there is a market gap in sophisticated and minimal foundation pieces that can be worn as lingerie or act as an extension of one’s wardrobe and style with an outfit. We fill this gap by creating polished shapes in high end fabrics that look too good to keep hidden.” 

To heighten the quality of our garments, handmade and organically shaped brass hardware is incorporated throughout the collection. KZ is the first lingerie company to hand make their own hardware in this manner. A soft wax is sculpted by hand in our LES based studio, then partnered with a local jeweler to cast production using the lost wax casting technique. This casting process is very common among jewelry, but unheard of by lingerie designers. Organically shaped brass findings are woven throughout the collection with an emphasis on natural motifs. 

“I like to incorporate like and airy imagery into the hardware - when you slip into one of my silk pieces, the chunky organic metal should feel like you've just returned from an exotic trip and you're covered in unworldly souvenirs.”





Brass findings are sculpted by hand in the KZ studio and casted domestically in Rhode Island using recycled brass. Local manufacturing and family owned factory partners means utilizing generations of talented craftsmen who offer the best possible quality while supporting our community. 






Valuable textile scraps are put into landfill each day. KZ partners with NY garment district cutting rooms to collect their scraps before they go into the garbage. The scraps are used to produce our collection. Using these off cuttings aids in keeping textile waste out of landfills. On styles made from virgin textiles; deadstock and vintage fabrics or natural fibers such as silk, cotton, modal are prioritized.


All our garments are proudly made in New York in the garment district. Our production runs are very small and limited to ensure we don't produce more than we need. All accessories are made to order.